ECO20X - Micro CHP (Combined Heat & Power) system

We produce the right energy to reduce
the environmental impact by using bio-raw materials.

ECO20X MICRO CHP SYSTEM is a highly technological equipment producing at the same time electric energy and heating by combustion of wooden scraps (biomass) through pyrogasification (a thermochemical process developed at high temperature and in absence of oxygen).

Wooden scraps are poured inside the large equipment’s hopper. Biomass and other organic materials pyrogasification, obtained by its heating (from 300 till 900 C), produces a fuel gas mixture (syngas) essentially made of CO, H2 and CH4.

Syngas, before being mixed with the air necessary to get air/fuel mixture to be released to the engine, must be submitted to a cooling, filtering and cleaning process. Only after cleaning process, fuel/air mixture is released to the internal combustion engine.

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