We are on the side of the environment

We include in our development concept
ecological, economic and social aspects.


Pursuing continuous improvement, C.M.D. S.p.A environmental performances have recently achieved levels of excellence, thanks to the application of certified management systems as required by the UNI EN ISO 14001 standards, the use of best available technologies, continuous training activities and employees’ awareness.

Since 2013, a process aiming at improving the process of collecting data and information necessary for Annual Sustainability Reports started. To date, Company continues along this path, recording continuous improvements.

Concerning atmospheric emissions, as provided by the new PRG Management Determine. G 20154/2017 - U 19/05/2017 for the 9 flue gas chimneys, whose results are within the limits set and approved with the DGR n ° 3340/99, 670/01, 1504/15 and D.Lgs 152 / 2006.

Each semester, company analyzes the waste water of the sewage system of the plants as required by Legislative Decree 152/2006, from which no parameters beyond the allowed limits have emerged.

Sampling and analysis of work environments are carried out every six months to detect the fogs and fine dust present, as required by Legislative Decree 152/2006.

CMD uses electronic waste tracking system (SISTRI) as required by the Ministry for the Environment and for the Protection of the Territory and the Sea.

Company manages recycling program through a careful selection of paper, plastic, iron, aluminum and wood; in 2016, it has been equal to 80% of waste produced by the company.

From an environmental point of view, Company has been progressively reducing the impact on the environment. In fact, no environmental damages for which the Company has received definitive sanctions for environmental crimes or damage occurred. To achieve this target, company introduced:

1) clean technologies, i.e. with a reduced environmental impact compared to those usually used for the same purpose;
2) energy saving;
3) energy supply from renewable sources;
4) recovery of production waste;
5) changes to the packaging (packaging material) to make it less impactful, for example by reducing the weight of packaging and using reusable ones.

This becomes effective by a reliable communication strategy not only to the external, highlighting the environmental operations carried out and the improvements obtained, but also within the company itself.

In fact, an applied policy is aimed at getting personnel aware of environmental issues, so that they can have a common perspective of eco-sustainable shared choices. Company undertakes the environmentally friendly activities.

For this purpose, the Company:

1) defines plans and operational programs respecting the environment in all the activities carried out;
2) manages its plants through effective use of energy, materials and natural resources, pursuing the reduction of environmental impact and the use of renewable sources;
3) is aware that the preservation of the quantity and quality of water is not only an environmental problem, but a challenge embracing whole economic and social system;
4) fixes environmental targets and verifies the progress made;
5) is engaged in educational actions for employees so that the above principles are pursued everywhere and from all levels of their structure.

An Environmental Management System has been implemented in compliance with the ISO 14001: 2004 standard.

In fact, the verification of the integrated environmental and safety management system pursuant to the UNI EN ISO 14001 standards with the RINA body is confirmed for 2017 as well.