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CMD has been working in diesel engines’ industry for decades, always demonstrating high expertise and quality. First CMD business activity is focused on earth-moving machinery’ inspections (tracks, tractors, excavators); then, company specializes in diesel engines’ installations on used cars.

Thanks to production of kits for diesel engine supercharger, CMD gets lots of success selling more than 2000 kits for 24 different cars’ models and turbochargers to main Italian motorcycle company, like Fiat/Lancia, Alfa Avio, Moto Morini, Ducati.

In 2000, CMD launches on the market FNM brand, producing first prototypes of common rail injection system engines, with a low environmental impact. In 2004, FNM brand introduces 200 HPE, an innovative engine managed by an ECU (Electronic Control Unit), with a considerable weight/power ratio.

In 2005, CMD wins the "Endurance di Off Shore” world championship, standing up in international boat market. In the same year, company starts and work on significant projects in Avio division.


  • Machining is specialized in a wide selection of mechanical parts production, mainly in Automotive field, i.e. cylinder blocks, heads, exhaust manifold, fly-wheels, gear housing, oil sumps, Common Rail injection pumps.

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CMD Avio
Ultra-light aircraft engines and General Aviation

  • CMD Avio deals with the production of ultra-light aircraft engines and General Aviation. CMD Avio engines' advanced production technology ensures excellent and reliable performances.

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Marine Engines

  • C.M.D. S.p.A. is involved in marine engines’ design and production. A wide range of In/Outboard/Jet/hybrid system are distributed worldwide under FNM Marine Diesel Engines brand.

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Micro CHP System

  • We produce the right energy to reduce the environmental impact by using bio-raw materials. Thanks to CMD ECO20X, we are ready to face the hardest energy challenge.

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