15 April 2019

CMD is back… with a new look!

The brand new website is born. An innovative website where you can find in a few clicks all informations about our company in terms of […]
15 April 2019

AERO Friedrichshafen 2019: the CMD experience

As the previous edition, CMD participation at AERO Friedrichshafen 2019 has been really positive: our avio engines, CMD22 and GF56, have once again proved to be […]
12 April 2019

AERO Friedrichshafen: CMD is stronger than ever!

On Wednesday AERO Friedrichshafen started Enthusiasts and experts in Avio field and members of the most important institutions of Avio sector have visited our booth to […]
11 April 2019

ECO20x is coming to Russia: soon the first installation

Yesterday, CMD hosted at its headquarters in San Nicola la Strada (CE) Mr. Aslan Tlupov, a technical verifier of Europa Engineering, a Russian company specialized in […]
1 April 2019

AS LABRUNA becomes FNM Marine sole distributor in Italy!

FNM and AS LABRUNA, after a fruitful meeting at CMD headquarters in San Nicola La Strada (CE), have signed an important agreement: AS LABRUNA has officially […]
25 March 2019

Italy and China walking in the same thriving direction: CMD at Italy-China Business Forum on Third market

Last Friday, March 22th, Mr. Mariano Negri, CMD CEO, had the great privilege to attend Italy-China Business Forum on Third market, held at Palazzo Barberini in […]
21 March 2019

CMD at Italy-China Business Forum on third market cooperation

On March, 22th 2019, Confindustria and ICE (Italian Trade Agency), on the occasion of President of the People’s Republic of China Mr. Xi Jinping’s visit to […]
20 March 2019

Investing in innovation: CMD at AERO FRIEDRICHSHAFEN 2019

March, 20 th 2019. On April, 10 – 13 2019 CMD is going to attend AERO FRIEDRICHSHAFEN, one of the most important Avio exhibition in the […]
18 March 2019

CMD projects as a main topic of a new academic dissertation

CMD research activities have been chosen as a main topic of a new academic dissertation. On March, 12th, 2019, a master’s degree dissertation in Electronic Engineering […]