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Company Profile

You can download from this section CMD SpA and LONCIN MOTORS LTD company profile.

Financial statements

This section includes financial statements entered at Business Register (CRR) along with Integrative Note, Management Report, Minutes of Approval of Shareholders’ Meeting, Report of the Board of Auditors and Statutory Auditor Certificate.

Mini Bond


CMD SPA announces that on March 28, 2019 it formalized with AMUNDI SGR SPA the Agreement for the underwriting of additional obligations for an amount of Euro 3,040,000 by reopening the Bond Loan called "C.M.D. Construction of Diesel Engines S.p.A. 5% -2021 "(ISIN code IT0005120891) increasing the total nominal value to Euro 7.040.000. For the details of the transaction, please refer to the Press Release dated 11.04.2019 and the current Regulation.


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Elite Certificate

CMD has obtained the Elite Certificate from Italian Stock Exchange (Borsa Italiana). The Italian Stock Exchange with London Stock Exchange has created ELITE, a unique integrated services platform that provides industrial, financial and organizational skills to meet the challenges of international markets. ELITE addresses the best Italian companies and with a three-step program helps them set the course to success, supports them in a unique process of cultural and organizational change, brings them closer to the capital markets, improves relations with the banking system and entrepreneurial spirit and facilitates its internationalization. An ELITE company is more transparent, more efficient, more visible and more attractive to potential investors. This goal is part of CMD's strategy of approaching the Stock Exchange and the capital market with the ambitious goal of listing on the Italian Stock Exchange.

Public Rating

On April, 4th 2019 Cerved Rating Agency has confirmed B1.2 investment grade for CMD rating.