❯ Machining

CMD is specialized in high engineering process development as prototyping, mechanical parts production and components assembly in automotive sector. It is recognized as a leader company in fine mechanics for engines parts and driveline: engine blocks, cylinder heads, gearboxes, aspiration manifolds, oil cups are only a part of the wide range of products proposed by the company.

In CMD, more than 250 employees work every day for guaranteeing cutting edge products with high quality standards and it has more than 50 CNC machinery of different size, allowing the production of technologically advanced mechanical parts; the company provides small, medium and big mass production.

All steps related to production are achieved using the most updated technology of milling, turning, testing, washing and control.

QUALITY SYSTEM: for guaranteeing safety in the work environment and taking under control the environmental impact of activities, CMD has implemented an environmental management system into Quality management system.

The CMD quality system is applied according to current ISO/TS 16949:2002 standards.

Protecting health, safety and environment is essential for our company’s activities: for this reason, the company is certified ISO 9001, ISO9100 and ISO 14001.

CMD is also certified ISO 9100:2009 for the design and production of Avio parts.

Choosing our products is promoting the energy saving and ecosustainable materials: CMD, in fact, uses low environmental impact materials, to reduce disposal problems. Our most important customers: FCA, Magneti Marelli, Voith, VM motori, Vetus, MV Agusta, CNH Industrial.

Production plants are located in Atella (Basilicata region), and San Nicola La Strada, near Caserta.

ATDI 120

Technical Informations

  • Max Power: 120 HP
  • Injection System: Common Rail
  • Maximum Torque: 280 Nm a 2300 rpm
  • Total Displacement: 1956 cc.

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Technical Informations

  • Max Power: 52 kW/70 HP@4400 RPM
  • Injection System: DIRECT COMMON RAIL
  • Maximum Torque: 148 Nm @ 2300 RPM
  • Total Displacement: 1050 cc.

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Technical Informations

  • Max Power: 35 kW/47 HP @ 4400 RPM
  • Injection System: DIRECT COMMON RAIL
  • Maximum Torque: 103 Nm @ 2000 RPM
  • Total Displacement: 699 cc.

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❯ Electronic Fuel Injection System

We think, design and realize electronic systems able to totally respond to customer’s specifications. From prototyping to mass production. Our experience in developing embedded technology, especially in control electronics, hardware development software, microcontrollers and power electronics makes us able to offer innovative high technology solutions and also a broad range of services from PCB design to product re- engineerization. During these past years we pointed a lot on innovation acquiring a highly growing potential ready to be adequate to future change of the market.

CMD is specialised in developing electronics and special software for engine. Today we have the possibility to cover each phase to project engine management systems for each kind of engine (Diesel, gasoline, LPG).

We successfully developed and put into mass production an Engine Control Unit for FNM common rail diesel engine based on FIAT engine 1,9JTD and 2,4 JTD. The ECU uses all the characteristics of the injection system to electronically control the fuel quantity, injection advance and fuel pressure. The ECU is also equipped with an autodiagnosis system able to recognize sensors and actuators failures. For each problem detected a recovery algorithm is triggered. The diagnosis communication was developed according to KWP2000 protocol.

In 2008 we developed an auto motive ECU for diesel engine. The different environment forces us to use adequated control algorithm specifically for emission controls thanks to EGR valve handling. The car had successfully complied with EURO 4 specifications (ECE 15 -cat. N1 -class III). Actually, the ECU is able to perform 3 injections by cycle. It is also possible to control both solenoid or piezo injectors.

CMD is developing two aeronautical engines: the GF56 (2 stroke diesel common rail engine) and the ULM220 (4 stroke gasoline engine). On each cases, CMD were chosen to develop the engine management systems.The entry of CMD on aeronautical market is a huge growing opportunity. Using aeronautical rules and specifical standards allows the creation of a design assurance system to control the projects.

To verify the status of an ECU it is necessary to use a diagnosis tool. Our EDR (Ecu Data Reader) is the tester to use with our ECU products and for FNM marine engines. Thanks to a powerful graphical interface it is possible to easily troubleshoot an engine. The tool runs on PC or PDA tank to a USB to OBD interface which simply plugs in the OBD connector of the engine. The EDR allows to read engine parameters (RPM, throttle position, rail pressure, etc…) and to log them for further analysis.

The calibration is a very delicate phase of engine development and needs special tools and methodology to create a robust product and improve the efficiency of experimentation. CMD’S know-how allows to get a complete vision of engine’s behaviour and directly found the best compromise solution.

During last years, CMD, thank to collaboration with large research centres used methods and tools advanced to optimise experimental activity reducing both costs and time without penalizing results quality. Calibration of control parameters and diagnosis algorithm present inside the ECU are reprogrammable in real-time thanks to the CID software developed by CMD.

CMD Crater’s is a diagnosis tester that allows to send to a control centre all the working data of the embedded systems of a vehicle. Particularly the ECU is accessible remotely. Diagnosis tester doesn’t need installation of costly sensors but simply uses all the autodiagnosis features available on-board. It does so thanks to the use of appropriate communication protocols.

CMD is also able to design and build wiring looms for engine. Thanks to our experience we can offer the best suiting solution for all wiring requests – engine, data acquisition, instruments, etc… We can assure the complete development of a wiring solution. From the feasibility study to the virtual and real assembly.

Our experience allows us to offer:
- Analyze of current and voltage loads to appropriately choose cables dimension and quality. Selection of all the components (fuses, connectors…) adapted for the type of vehicle.
- Knowledge of computer aided design tools (CAD, CATIA, Unigraphics, Logical cable) to design, analyze and generate all the documentation necessary to build the wiring solution.
- Integration of electric and mechanical development in 3D.
- Handling of the project data and files: flowcharts, blueprints, schematics.

❯ Complex Mechanical Process

CMD is an internationally recognized in the European automotive market as a company specialized in the high precision machining of spare parts. Thanks to the technologically updated and automated machining centers, CMD has acquired very important and high profile customers who are among the biggest automakers such as FIAT, Alfa Romeo, Audi – VW and Ford.

CMD success foundation is the ability to satisfy the Customer needs in an ever changing Market. CMD is in fact specialized in the machining of a various range of components such as engine blocks, cylinder heads, exhaust manifolds, flywheels, camshafts, oil sumps, injection pumps for Common Rail system and many others.

Ability to develop advanced products from a simple sketch drawing. Customer's support in every stage of a Products life, from design to prototyping, from testing to every aspect of production - logistics, packaging and protection.

This, we believe, is our added value that. In order to respond to ever changing requirements with unsurpassed swiftness, CMD has designed its own shops with machining lines aimed to the highest degree of flexibility, being thus able to prove competitive in supplying parts in a wide range of materials (aluminum, iron, steel…) in volumes ranging from few parts a months to thousands a day, and weights all the way from few grams to hundreds of kilograms.

A robust planning capability, joined to a solid organization. This ensures that the parts of the processing are in perfect adherence to specifications provided by customer.

❯ Automotive Engineering

The aim for this activity is the customer of automotive industry that wants to ensure a technological quality and reliability, in compliance with European standards. Given the quality of the technical team and the flexibility of approach of its design staff, CMD is placed on the market with engine development costs extremely competitive, if compared with similar activities proposed by other players . The design activity is performed at the Atella -1 plant, near Potenza, and in the engineerign unit plant in San Nicola La Strada (Caserta ). The industrialization process is carried out in the Morra De Sanctis (AV) plant.

The activity of CAD design
The phase of the design and CAD modeling is a critical step of the whole design activity. This step determines the success in the engine implementation and the reliability of the performances, global behaviour and critical components of the new engine. The design phase starts from the analysis and study of functional and technical specifications to be achieved. Such features are identified in close collaboration with the customer's needs. The design ends with the modeling of engine components required for the achievement of the project targets.

The simulation activities The simulation work is divided into:
- fluidodynamics simulation
- structural and mechanical simulation
- performance simulation
- injection system simulation

Once the design stage itself is accomplished, next steps are the planning and implementation of the development program that is expressed in the following activities:
- prototyping
- modeling
- casting and machining
- assembling
- bench tests
- optimization of the final prototype
- industrialization

Depending on the customer’s requirements, the design phase may finish with the industrialization phase and the pre- production series that are generally performed in the Morra De Sanctis’s plant .

❯ Engineering

CMD is active in the field of advanced design of internal combustion engines hi-tech, given to the high skill of the engineering team.

The main activity of CMD is to develop advanced designs of internal combustion engines, for the most applications. The modeling is performed in CAD-CAM, CAE, and develop all activities range from the design up to the lay out of the production and industrialization.

CMD covers the complete cycle related to research, design, development of their engines through design activities, simulations, prototypes, engine testing on bench or on specific application, until to the definition of production cycles. CMD R & D has a system for stereolithography prototypes in sintered plastic components or parts to be made, in this way CMD may perform a preliminary analysis of fitting and realization cycles.

CMD is concerned with advanced mechanical design through the use of SW-specific, calculations and structural analysis, acoustic phenomena, vibrational, gas dynamic, thermochemical phenomena.