CMD BU Machining is specialized in high engineering process development, as prototyping, mechanical parts production and components assembly in automotive field.

It’s also recognized as a leader company in fine mechanics for engine parts and driveline: engine blocks, cylinder heads, gearboxes, aspiration manifolds, oil cups.

Production processes

We very carefully develop each components in all steps, carrying out all production processes steps with cutting-edge technologies for milling, turning, testing, washing and control.

Another aspect of our way of producing is flexibility in the composition of production structure and our employees skills.

All the choices we make have an ambitious target to ensure high quality to our engines.  


The robotizzate line "Bruno Negri"

Thanks to our Fully Automated Production Line «BRUNO NEGRI», located in our Atella plant, we can manage the entire components processing in automatic.

Our types of processing:

High precision CNC mechanical processing for components (stand alone systems)
Fully automatic mechanical processing with robotic handling

Used tecnologies

Every component has a story.

Using high technologies, components are designed and developed with a planned and monitored production.

CMD has over 50 CNC machines for several sizes and dimensions with a high level quality process in order to meet customer requirements, from small to large series, so to be in compliance with the customer needs depending on the best location, in terms of production costs, logistics, time to market.

We also able to make series production: small, medium and large.

Complex Mechanical Manufacturing

n° 08 Heller Machines MC 25

n° 03 Heller Machines MC 16

n° 14 Heller Machines MCH 250

n° 04 Heller Machines H 6000

n° 01 Heller Machines H 8000

n° 01 Heller Machines H 4000

n° 01 Heller Machines HF 5500

n° 02 OKK HM 630

n° 03 Makino Machines A81

n° 04 Doosan Machines ACE HP5500

n° 01 Nagel Variohone Honing Machine

n° 03 Tecnofirma Washing Unit

n° 03 SW Machines BA W06-2W

n° 03 SW Machines BA W06-22

World Class Manufacturing

Since 2014, in cooperation with FIAT (now STELLANTIS) within our plants gets under way the World Class Manufacturing system, a company system customer-focused involving the production only with one pull logic: continuous flow and short leads.

The goals we pursue with World Class Manufacturing system are:

optimizing performance of production process, while improving quality and reducing waste;
Preventing injures by applying high safety standards

The World Class Manufacturing is a shared system with leading products or services global companies.


The CMD quality system is applied according operational criteria based on IATF 16949.

The health, security and environment safeguard represents the starting point of all our company activities: for this reason has been certified ISO 9001, AS/EN 9100 and ISO 14001.

Our partners

We are suppliers of large national and international players of Automotive field.

Our main clients are:

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