Sustainability: an enviromental priority

Be sustainable for everybody

The sustainability is an important component of our company Vision because it is strictly connected to the future: everyone has to act in his life with actions, behaviours and developing choices concerning not only short-term problems but also long-term one.

That’s why the concept of sustainability must be a commitment for reducing the environmental impact and improving the social and economic status of community for the individuals as well as the companies.

The task for improving our life on the Earth in necessary

The scientists estimate that mankind has few years for reducing carbon quantities on the planet before it becomes an irreversible damage.

In the October of 2018 the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) found that the world should reach zero emissions of dioxide within 2050 in order to keep rising of global temperature below 1.5 C° respect to preindustrial levels.

Otherwise, the problem of a more serious climate change impact will be for mankind the main obstacle to deal with.

The increasing of climate worsening situation and pollution on the planet is due to men actions. Many of them increase gas emissions and CO2 production which define the global warming.

Therefore, an Earth warmer means melting glaciers and resulting floods in the coast towns. An Earth warmer makes strong damages to human beings and environment.

It’s time to a real and pressing Energy Transition.

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