CMD for the energy transition

«The energy transition is the passage from the use of fossil fuels to renewable fuels, and is part of the wider transition to a green economy by using renewable energy, energy saving techniques and sustainability.»

Siding with Environment

“Our family idea leads us to do business, by caring the planet but also all living beings who live.”

Today and tomorrow are strictly interwined and we are the lead of the story, as we live on the planet, and everyone who is gonna be people of the future. The concept is really important because our actions will globally have effects on our future.  

We are a company who forwards to the future and next generations.

That’s why we always provide our skills for the development of solutions in order to encourage and increase the transition from no-renewable energy sources to renewable sources.

BU skills for the energy transition

Each of 5 CMD Business Unit (Machining, Energy, Marine, Avio, Research and Development) has skills in its specific field, but interwoven with others, in order to promote the transition from no-renewable energy sources to renewable ones.

Those skills have the same purpose: changing the mobility and the energy field for the environment safeguard.

BU energy skills

Systems for the production of renewable electric energy and heat
Production of renewable fuels from biomasses and residuals (gas/syngas)
Competences in hydrogen production from renewable sources
Integration between renewable systems (biomass, solar power, storage) Here’s an example: if the CHP system stops working, how can we continue to produce energy? Thanks to photovoltaic.

BU Electronic skills

Production of:
Electronic Control units
Electronic control systems
Software management

BU Marine skills

Competences in hybrid application between internal combustion engines and electric motors, with automatic control of energy flow

BU Avio skills

Engineering and simulation

BU Automotive skills

Components production for multifuel engines

R&D skills

Diesel engines conversion to gas, CNG, multifuel or hybrid.

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