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 Technological solutions for clean energy production

Energy transition at lower cost

Our company is committed to lead the energy transition to toward a safe and reliable future.

That’s why for several years we have created Business Unit Energy dedicated to design and implementation of innovative systems for clean energy production through gas/syngas processes, and more.

Thanks to our systems the energy produced is sustainable, because generated from biomass, a renewable, economic and widely available resource.

And by doing so, we reduce carbon being release into the atmosphere and we can to relieve companies from the onus of waste disposals. The energy, in fact, is “extracted” from wood residues or plant-based, but also form type of sludge and tissues.

This processi is very beneficial environmentally and economically: in fact, the energy production has clearly low costs compared to traditional sources.

Find the right solution for your projects

Our experts will support you to find the best solution for your needs or your business.

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