Engineering Services

CMD can provide global engineering support concerning:

Engine design and development and specific installation

Electronic engine management and auxiliary systems

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Our value proposition

CMD has always been focusing its business on technological innovation gathering its resources on a concept of scientific, technical and modular growth.

CMD is able to adapt itself to the latest trends and often anticipate them in a increasingly competitive market of expertise products.

We are able to manage every engineering process, with all needs and problems, we limit the risk by applying tools, knowledge and more suitable process to problem solving.

In order to find always the best solution for our clients and partners, our know-how is constantly under evolving process.

Key asset

According to requests of type-approval and validation requirements, the gradual increase of custom solutions (link a Soluzioni Personalizzate) requires us a multilevel tech approach.

Our engineering services create value in relation to a specific customer segment, offering them benefits and helping to overcome difficulties.

In fact, the mechatronic team plays a key role within R&D activities, improving the search of customized and efficient solutions.

Multidisciplinary team

Our multidisciplinary Team is one of the main points for our company: it works with an important network of companies, Institutions, Universities and Research Centers.

This network helps us to realize difficult international projects, following all steps from the concept design to the placing on the market.

From concept to the market

Thanks to CMD holistic engineering competences and to strict processes management, we can support our customers and partners in each development phase:

Existing products upgrade

Development, certification and testing of new products

Engineering support “turnkey” for integration on new projects

Prototyping and testing

Special projects/operation management

Business and technical training

Location support (production cycles, plant layout, technical data, tutorials of managers/professionals, interface and support with main international suppliers)

Global engineering

Thanks to our experience in design and systems control, we can manage each step of engine design, as:

Mechanical design
Prototyping and engine production
Engine installation
Fuel combustion development
Structural analysis
Definition and implementation of ECUs (electronic control systems)
Software and digital control systems

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