CMD Certifications

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Environmental management system

For protecting our plants, we have created an Environmental Management System within the Quality Management System.

CMD Quality System has applied according to operating criteria based on ISO/TS 16949:2016 certification.

The keypoints of all CMD activities are health, safety and environment safeguard. For this reason, the company has been certified according to the ISO 900, ISO9100 and ISO 14001.

Our company also has been certified according to the ISO 9001:2015 for AVIO components DESIGN & PRODUCTION.

The main CMD commitment is the reduction of environmental impact.

Our purpose is to achieve best results respecting the environment.

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Elite Program

In 2012 CMD, in cooperation with Borsa Italiana, began ELITE program path.  

The program ended on November 11th 2014, with the issuance of Elite Certificate.

CMD, thus, has become the only Basilicata company to receive this prestigious award.

ELITE Certificate is the result of a two year program in which CMD has been involved through a special process of cultural and organization change and in depth analysis of its own industrial, financial and organizational skills.

This deep change has given to CMD the chance to approach to capital markets, improving its relationship with banking and business system and making easier the international process.

ELITE Program path has made the financial and institutional reporting more transparent, more efficient, clearer, and more attractive for potential investors. This goal, ha pushed CMD strategy to approach Stock Market and capital markets, to support its growth and the ambitious target to become the first Basilicata company debuting on Stock Market.

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