CMD team and skills

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Passion, experience and dreams

Our strengths are skills, passion and motivation, allowing us to deal with challenges every day.

Our R&D team (Research and Technical Development) is composed of engineers with multidisciplinary skills from electronics to mechanics, from software technologies to applied chemistry.

We have the capability to adapt us to technological changes but staying always competitive.

Between our goals: more flexible production processes, new products on the market in less time and costs reduction.

Today we are more than 200 employees, in addition to several trainees and students from different universities that have done their experience in our company   

Diversity, results, creatiity

There is a strong connection between diversity and results, we really believe it.

We mean not only gender diversity but people from different countries, experiences and skills too.

We have a diversified team of skilled men and women. One of advantages deriving from this reason is a major creativity towards different opinions, emotions and point of view.

Continuing training

The automotive field is changing at a rapid pace. That’s why we constantly updating our skills to better adapt them to technological developments.

Training courses are very important for using new tools and programs and for obtaining success in the design of new important projects.

In fact, one of our mantra is to improve ourselves, taking an opportunity into the difficult times, in order to find something new.

Design thinking and testing

Before choosing a particular solution, testing and curiosity leads us to explore different alternatives. We always test them since the first phase of each new process, finding out the best feasible solution.

We search evidence for supporting our ideas and we test our vision. For this reason, we are in perfect harmony with non-linear and interactive nature of the processes.

We love challenges

Our best strategy is the problem solving in a short time. Every day we deal with challenges thanks to our responsibility, sacrifice and competences.

Empathy, listening and speaking

Our relationships are based on two elements: empathy and listening. They are important to understand what is really important for the people we face.

It is important for us to create a constructive relationship with our customers, understanding their expectations and clarifying what we can do to meet them.

Find the right solution for your projects

Our experts will support you to find the best solution for your needs or your business.

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