Innovative projects CMD

Research and innovative projects are very important for us for bringing products and new improved services to market, for increasing performances and for making a new connection with the environment.

CMD also takes lots of partnerships with important Universities, Research organizations and institutions.    

Research projects partners

Thanks to the research projects and specific consulting business, CMD cooperates with universities and private research institutions, among the most scientifically advanced.

Awards and acknowledgments


Premio Industria Felix


Premio Eccellenza italiana

The prestigious award is given every year to Italian professionals, companies and businessmen who excelled in its fields of competence (2019).


Premio The Procurement

First award in the “Acquisti in Team Interfunzionali” category, during third edition of “The Procurement Awards”, the Italian award dedicated to the best projects of Purchasing Department (2018).


Premio innovazione SMAU


Premio innovazione SMAU


Private Debt Award 2019 - Menzione speciale a October

The crowdfunding provided on the October platform in favour of C.M.D. S.p.A, was awarded among the best debt transactions dedicated to Italian Smes.

Find the right solution for your projects

Our experts will support you to find the best solution for your needs or your business.

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