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Prometeo Project


Make an innovative micro-polygeneration unit characterized by high energy efficiency and low environmental impact, widening the range of usable biomass.


The system from the project has all characteristics to become a model for the renewal of management and for re-use of process byproducts, while attaining a cost reduction related to disposal.

The unit may potentially be powered by residual material from different compartments.


CMD has done this project already within the disposal site of Mugnano, a municipality near Naples (Naples, Campania) with EPM company, Consiglio Nazionale Ricerche (CNR) and “ParthenopeUniversity of Naples.


Proposing innovative production chains and residual biomass disposal techniques available in urban areas, and prior to pretreatments, through direct use in energy recovery systems for simultaneous and localized production of electric, thermic and cooling energy.

These goals are in compliance with the requirements of European Union development and improvement targets related to:

adding value to available local resources
using of residual and waste materials with the reduction of materials to be treated and disposed in landfill
energy efficiency and saving for no high class energy buildings (especially in SEAP – Sustainable Energy Action Plan)
reducing the impact of human actions on climate, due to greenhouse gas emissions decrease thanks to the biomass use in the transformation process of materials into energy
creating biomass-energy chains by increasing new job offers and improving social and employment pattern of urban areas

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