The CPAP EASY VENT CF01 is designed
by our team of engineers

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Technical features and performances

The CPAP EasyVent CF01 is a medical device for supporting ventilation through air supply (or air/oxygen mixture in a variable percentage from 21% to 60% set by healthcare professional) to finely graded pressures, into Noninvasive mode.

Namely, the CPAP EasyVent CF01 allows ventilation of patient by using CPAP - NIV (Continuous Positive Airways Pressure - Non Invasive Ventilation) mode.

EasyVent CF01, thanks to CPAP – NIV mode, sustains each patient’s breath, reducing the breathing problems.

The air and oxygen mixture can be supplied with helmet or face mask.

The healthcare professional can set:

Positive End Expiration Pressure or PEEP
Fraction of oxygen percentage FiO2

The PEEP is specific target for this kind of ventilatory treatment. It allows:

Preventing alveolar collapse and detecting compromised alveolar units
Improving oxygenation

Reducing respiratory work

Partial pressure of oxygen

This causes the respiratory work reduction and the improvement of general health condition of the patient.

The treatment made with CPAP Easy Vent CF01 would also allow to reduce the morbidity of all patients with Adult Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) SARS COV 2.

It is also able to treat all other forms of primary and secondary respiratory insufficiency where CPAP is indicated.

EasyVent CF01 provides a system of flow support production to respiratory through the operation of an electrically blower, capable to ensure the rapid ventilation settings management.

Intuitive graphic interface

The system has a graphic interface with user through a 7.5 inch touch screen (screen resolution 640 x 480 pixel VGA) made with resistant material for scrapes and medical commonly used substances.

The CPAP provides advanced features for operating procedures management allowing the most suitable setting from health worker.

The user-interface sees the CPAP settings and measured data, and other functions, enabling to medical staff an instant feedback about patient conditions.

For those who have already basic notions about CPAP operation, the use of this device is intuitive and for its training is sufficient a short training course supplied by the Manufacturer.

The interface allows to specifically:

Selecting the operating modes CPAP - NIV

Setting respiratory parameters as volumetric flow (L/min), pressure (cmH2O) and chosen concentration of inhalation oxygen %FiO2

Displaying alarms during treatment

Seeing curves or respiratory parameters (trends), which allow to monitoring events to the patient during the treatment

Saving patient respiratory parameters over time to USB memory

Remotely monitoring patient respiratory parameters over time by PC, smartphone and tablet (optional)

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