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The electronics division is one of the highlights of CMD.

Our Electronics area develops new technological solutions for companies and sometimes innovative at industry level.

The “exploration” research activity is very important within area characterized by strong dynamism that evolve very often tracking not predicted trajectories.

All this has positive effects on performance of our solutions, making them avant-garde.

Electronic control units CMD

CMD designs electronic systems able to fully meet customer needs, making prototypes and small series.

CMD has over 20 years of experience in different solutions development of engine management. CMD engineers develop tailored powerful and efficient solutions for customer needs, offering the advantage of innovative systems.

CMD designs electronic solutions for conventional internal combustion engine (gasoline, diesel) and supports the whole life cycle of system development as customer needs.

The experience in the development of embedded technologies, of electronic control, of hardware, firmware and software, of microcontroller programming and power electronics allows us to provide cutting-edge solutions and full range of services in scientific and industrial field, from PCB design to re-engineering and migration services. 

We are the forefront in the ECU (Engine Control Unit) development.

Innovative products

One of the main goals is making products that are cutting-edge as technological like Blue Hybrid System, which allows to simultaneously sail with diesel and electric mode.

Learn innovative products cmd

Find the right solution for your projects

Our experts will support you to find the best solution for your needs or your business.

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