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New solution for the “General Aviation”

CMD FADEC is a full redundand electronic control unit for Common Rail Diesel engines for General Aviation with single lever power control.

FADEC is able to manage up engines to 6-cylinders diesel engines and provides the capability to control the fuel quantity depending on engine operating conditions.

CMD engineers have developed control strategies to increase the safety and the fuel efficiency.

FADEC consists of two control units: “Primary Lane” and “Backup Lane”

FADEC uses a primary system and a backup system. The backup system acts a hot-standby unit, available to assume engine control in the event of failure of the primary system.

FADEC FADEC is a single fault tolerant system and provides fault accommodation strategies through alternate modes or the backup system. The FADEC detects sensor/ actuator faults, electronic system and communication bus malfunctions and acts alternate mode.

Every fault shall be notified to the cockpit MIL (Malfunction Indicator Lamp) and to the aircraft on board systems via CAN bus.

A diagnostic sub system is also available in maintenance mode.

FADEC Certifications

FADEC is conforming to RTCA DO-178C DAL-C e RTCA DO-160G general civil aviation

The engine control is suitable for certified aircrafts according EASA CS-23/FAR 23 and certified helicopters according EASA CS-27 e EASA.21J.709

CMD FADEC has been designed according to the civil aviation guidance for Airborne systems: the RTCA DO-178C and RTCA DO-254. Moreover, the system has been environmentally qualified according to the RTCA DO-160G.

The CMD FADEC is suitable for EASA CS-23/ FAA FAR 23 certified aircrafts as well as for rotorcrafts certified according to EASA CS-27 and or FAA FAR 27.

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