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Investing in the future:
An italian story

Our history reminds us of the immense progress we have made as a Company. CMD - Costruzioni Motori Diesel S.p.A. is born thanks to the experience and strong passion for engines of the Negri’s family.

At the center of our work have always been people, the idea of ​​family and the desire to evolve our competences.


Corrado Negri and Italo Balbo’s transoceanic flight

CMD/FNM’s history begins in 30s when Corrado Negri, an eminent member of Italian Air Force, took part in the transoceanic flight of Italo Balbo, an italian politician involved in promoting Italian aviation in the world.


Launching “Fratelli Negri Motori”

The company was founded in 1971 by Negri’s family as “FNM” (Fratelli Negri Motori). Our first business activity was focused on earth-moving machines overhaul and, later, in diesel engines installation on used cars.

End of the 70s

CMD starts a collaboration with FIAT

The end of the 70s and the beginning of the 80s were a turning point for CMD. The company starts first partnerships with FIAT (now STELLANTIS), becoming supplier of precision milling for automotive components. After few years CMD has developed its own high precision parts and components production, becoming leading supplier of the biggest international groups in the automotive field such as ALFA ROMEO, AUDI-VW and FORD, in addition to the collaboration with FIAT, which still represents a meaningful part of the company’s business.


CMD attends Turin Auto Show

The first supercharged GD 17 AT 1.3 diesel engine, designed and developed by CMD, has been shown at Turin Auto Show. In the following years the engine obtained a considerable success.


First marine diesel engine under FNM brand

FNM, under FNM marine brand, launches the first diesel engine for the marine market.



In 1991 C.M.D. Costruzioni Motori Diesel Spa is formally set up, including also FNM division and its know-how.

It has been the turning point for the company expansion and production activities diversification. Over the years the plants also increased.


Business diversification and development

Over the years the team has grown and the skills have increased, as the sectors in which we operate. In the 2000s CMD expands its production and technology field opening 2 plants in Atella (PZ).

During these years CMD starts some new important projects:

New range of JTD marine engines implementation

Two engines for General Aviation and ultralight aircrafts design

Micro-CHP systems fed by wooden biomass project (ECO20x). Thanks to its development CMD has entered into different international markets, attracting the interest of important players in the engines field.


Elite Program

In 2013 CMD is selected by Italian Stock Exchange to join the Elite Program, a program of support for private companies seeking expansion and access to the capital markets and aimed at identify the most promising Italian SME. Elite Program has been successfully completed one year later.


CMD and Loncin Motor Co Ltd become business partners

Loncin Motor Co Ltd, a Chinese multinational company listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, specialized in Research, development, production and distribution of motorcycles, general products and power machineries, becomes CMD business partner.

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