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The challenges of the future pass through the culture of innovation

CMD - Costruzioni Motori Diesel S.p.A. was born in 1989 from the experience and engines passion by Negri’s family.

For over 30 years it has been involved in design, prototyping and development of engines and solutions for automotive, marine and aeronautical fields.

From the concept to the production, our company evolves its competences and technologies in perfect harmony with the vision and needs of the most demanding customers in mechanics and electronics.

CMD means relying on a partner composed by engineers with multidisciplinary skills which can offer you professional engineering services and supporting you in all phases of the design.

We can transform your projects into industrializable products.

We also provide engine solutions for all applications, as well as offering “turnkey” solutions.

Skills and our know-how are our main resources: for CMD customers not only products, but also consultancy, engineering services and project support.

Business evolution and diversification

Every day, our Group is involved in improving people’s life through development of projects for environment and mobility, focusing our attention on safety, innovation, reliability and customization of our products.

Today we are a cutting-edge company in design, development and production of internal combustion engines but, at the same time, we also like undertaking business diversification paths.

This is why we are applying our know-how also to develop new important solutions for energy and heat production, precision mechanics, new projects and new products.

Change and evolution,
but always with the same values.

CMD Business Units

What we believe

“We innovate to improve our world: it is the most important resource for us and our future generations.”

We believe that only looking the present from a different perspective you can see new developments for the next years.

The keywords that lead us in this continuous challenge have always been the attention and care of the relationships with our customer, the enviromental safeguard, the reliability, in addition to the experience and competences gained in more than 30 years in the engines field.

Entrepreneurial skills, relations and synergies.

We are still putting lots of passion in our work, which is why we continue to expand our company, building new production plants and hiring new human resources.

We are what we have achieved in the time, and what we will still achieve. But we don't live only of technology and skills.

Relationships with our partners are important for CMD

We are a company that has made itself over the time, but the key concept, the real engine which will continue to push the entire business mechanism will always and only remain the concept of family, to which we are deeply attached.

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Our partners

Where we are in the world

Establishments business

It is in our four factories, three of which in Atella (PZ) and one in San Nicola La Strada (CE) that our 100% made in Italy projects and goals take shape.

But in our production centers we don't just work. We meet to talk, to solve any problems and exchange advices.

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Our experts will support you to find the best solution for your needs or your business.

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