A ventilator made in Basilicata to support the Italian health system in the COVID-19 emergency

23 Apr 2020

An innovative emergency ventilator, entirely designed and produced by CMD Spa of Atella (PZ), has been introduced today at the Prefecture of Potenza in the presence of the Prefects of Potenza and Matera and Mr. Rocco Leone, Director of Health field for Basilicata Region.

In less than 21 days, between lockdown and many difficulties, CMD's engineers worked non-stop and only via web with high motivation, for designing the emergency ventilation device "Easy vent CF 01" produced with only company resources, in record time.

Also Mr. Massimo Barresi and Mr. Gaetano Annese, general managers of the Health Authorities of Matera and Potenza, have attended the meeting. The innovative project has been shown in detail by Mr. Francesco Iantorno, engineer of CMD R&D dpt., thanks to an orderly and in-depth analysis of the different development phases; then a simulation was carried out to demonstrate the device mode of operation. The procedures for the approval and future use of the ventilator in the national health system have been activated. The cooperation with doctors and intensive care specialists has been very important for the realization of the first prototype developed by CMD, a company that deals with the design and production of engines and complex solutions for the automotive, nautical and aeronautical industry.

"With this prototype - says Mr. Mariano Negri, CEO of CMD - of emergency ventilator, we are proud to have contributed, through our human capital, to create something useful for the community, responding in a concrete way to the serious health emergency. A starting point for CMD that does not only look at profit as its only mission".

A commendation for the initiative came from the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Luigi Di Maio: "Your immediate response to our appeal is a great honour for your company, a dynamic reality in Southern Italy, its management and its employees: you have all shown great initiative and a deep sense of social responsibility. I would therefore like to express my appreciation for an initiative that helps to ensure that our hospitals are supplied with healthcare materials, starting with lung ventilators, which are essential to tackle the pandemic. Thanks to the collaboration of companies such as Cmd, we will be able to overcome the health crisis and prepare the ground for economic recovery".

Congratulations also came from Mr. Sergio Costa, Minister of the Environment"for the result achieved in such a short time".

Strong applause and heartfelt thanks to CMD was expressed by Mrs. Mirella Liuzzi, Undersecretary at Mise "for this contribution which is also a fine story of corporate social responsibility and attachment to its community. Virtuous initiatives such as this one by CMD are proof that our companies know how to be resilient and that they will be able to get back on their feet also thanks to their ingenuity and a deep sense of responsibility".

For Confindustria Basilicata, DG Mr. Giuseppe Carriero and the designated president Mr.Francesco Somma were present. "The presentation of a sanitary device - says Mr. Somma - designed and produced in Basilicata by one of our associated companies, fills us with pride and civil passion. It is proof of how our companies have been able to react to the Covid-19 emergency by throwing their hearts over the obstacle".

CMD will donate, as soon as the necessary approvals have been obtained, two devices, one to the San Carlo di Potenza hospital and the other to Madonna delle Grazie in Matera.

CMD is also ready to support the whole of Italy, especially the regions of the North strongly affected by this pandemic.

We are Italians and it is our duty to fight against the difficulties of our nation to come out of it stronger and more united than ever.



Potenza, April 23rd, 2020



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