ECO20x at first international conference on smart energy carriers

05 Feb 2019

On January, 21-23 2019, First Conference on Smart Energy Carriers, the international meeting focused on energy carriers and their use for energy production,has been held at Federico II Conference Center in Neaples.

CMD, thanks to the partnership with CNR IRC (Institute for Research on Combustion) and CNR- IM (Institute for Research on Engines), has introduced during the meeting the innovative ECO20x CHP system by a detailed poster about its operation mode, high performances and high quality of syngas produced. ECO20x can produce excellent syngas not necessarly subject to the quality of used biomass.

Since longtime, CMD has been working with universities and research centers for promoting new hi-tech projects in Energy sector based on two common values: innovation and technological renewal processes. The great success of ECO20x at the International Conference on Smart Energy Carriers confirms, thus, the importance of the cooperation between Industry and Research.


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