The Production Manager of CMD against COVID-19

25 Mar 2020

In this global emergency the medical equipment need is growing day by day: a diving mask can save a life if transformed into an oxygen mask.

Mr. Sergio Lo Sardo, Production Manager of CMD and CEO of PL3DART in Basilicata region, has promptly accepted the call of a company from the North Italy and has produced the 3D printing fittings for trasforming a snorkel mask into an emergency respiratory mask for sub-intensive therapy.

Mr. Sergio has both printed numerous kits and offered himself as a collection point for all those people had a 3D printer and wanted to participate in the initiative.

Great recognition to Mr. Sergio from CMD that knows it can count on extraordinary people: professionals with a great humanity.

CMD provides to companies in need all the know-how and technical staff for the 3D development and the realization of valves for emergency respirators.

#Together against COVID-19


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