A meeting with the University of Berkeley, California: Mr. Ojala, Research Director of DATA X-LAB, visiting CMD

11 Jul 2019

Last week CMD had the pleasure to have Mr. Alexander Fred-Ojala, Lecturer at Berkeley University in California, as a guest at company's headquarters.
Mr. Ojala, Research Director of DATA X-LAB, a framework designed by the same University for Data Science and newest technologies learning and application, is involved in highly specialization projects about Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Big Data for companies interested in high technologies implementation.
Mr. Ojala has shown great interest towards our company and our plants: he has met Mr. Mariano Negri, CMD’s Ceo and the CMD Business Unit directors who have introduced related R&D activities.
He, thus, found out about CMD and its accomplished and pending projects.
CMD team and Mr. Ojala, both satisfied with the meeting, have evaluated a possible collaboration about analysis models application based on new digital technologies which can be integrated to company's manufacturing processes.


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