Happy 10th birthday CMD’s headquarters! We share our path and our goals with you!

23 Feb 2021

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.”

(Michael Jordan)  

February 2011 – February 2021. Happy 10th birthday CMD’s headquarters!

10 years have passed: the company has grown, many things have changed, we have overcome different challenge and obstacles, but the values, the real ones, that pushed us to move forward remain the same as ever.

CMD has always been a global player: these 10 years have allowed us to obtain leader positioning in aeronautic, automotive, marine, electronic and Circular Economy fields, launching much more into the  Italian and International markets.

Today we are more than 200 employees, not considering all students from different universities enters in our company for their training, their stage or their thesis.

Our positivity and our energy have allowed us to overcome many challenges, contributing to our success.

A draft list projects developed in CMD during these 10 years: Aerogest and Aerogest 2 finalized at the optimization for the electric supercharging of Turbo engines, AMICO project for the creation of a marine particulate filter, MALET project for the Turbo match optimization of the GF56 aircraft engine, PIACE project for the creation of a mini CHP system fed by mains gas, the automotive engines CRDI 2 (2 CYLINDERS) developed for Korean market and CRDI 3 (3 CYLINDERS) developed for Turkey, GREAVES COTTON project, an Indian company we have supplied ECU, actuators , sensors and bi fuel calibration, IMARE project for the development of a hybrid marine propulsion system that allows boats to navigate zero emissions, the 3 green projects INNOVARE, PROMETEO and GREEN FARM.

Between CMD innovative products we may find: BHS Blue Hybrid System, ECO20 that will give the name to the entire ECO line (ECO20x in 2019, ECO Burner in 2020 and 2 other projects currently under tests), the FADEC system (Full Authority Digital Engine Control) for the GF56 and EASY VENT, the ventilator designed by our team of engineers to support the healthcare system during the COVID 19 emergency.


Our story is already in progress, the new headquarters allowed us to apply our best resources in the development of our ideas.

CMD continues its growth: we are history, we are the future, we are what we have realized and what we will achieve.

We want still strongly to design, for this way we are building new plants and hiring new resources.

We are a company that has made its path over the time but the key concept, the real engine that will continue to push the entire company mechanism always and only will remain the concept of family, to which we are deeply linked.


We belong to a big family, we are part of CMD.


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