Hybrid mobility and Research: an important paper for "Energy Conversion and Management"

14 Jul 2021

CMD, in collaboration with STEMS (Istituto di Scienze e Tecnologie per l’Energia e la Mobilità Sostenibili) and the Department of Industrial Engineering of University of Naples Federico II has written a new scientific paper on the design and management of an innovative hybrid thermoelectric propulsion system for the nautical field.

It will be published in "Energy Conversion and Management", edited by Elsevier, one of the most important international scientific publishing houses.

The paper, entitled “Model based optimal management of a hybrid propulsion system for leisure boats”, describes through the case study of a leisure boat, which is used for passenger transportation in touristic areas, how the introduction of innovative hybrid solutions has been revolutionary for the sailing and how it has been indispensable for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.


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