After the DOA…CMD Avio becomes POA holder!

04 Aug 2021

CMD has closed another important path: after obtaining DOA (Design Organisation Approval) on December 2019, CMD Avio becomes POA holder, passing successfully the ENAC audit.


But what is the POA?

The acronym POA means “Production Organization Approval”.
It refers to the approval for CMD aircraft engine production organization in accordance with Part 21 – Subpart G (Commission Regulation -EU- 748/2012 and subsequent amendments).
Thanks to this approval our company will be able to issue the EASA Form 1 Authorised Release certificates for the aircraft engines that we produce, without further demonstration.
CMD will be able to operate in the certified aeronautical field, producing and supplying certified engines (i.e., as per technical language, engines that are in condition for safe operation) to aircraft owners (its customers) and so to operate in the aeronautical market in the same way of the few Italian and European companies producing engines.
An important step for the GF56 certification process and another milestone to proudly add to the all already achieved over the years.


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