The hybrid taxi has done its demonstration along the Grand Canal

23 Jan 2020

Yesterday has been shown in Venice, at city mayor’s presence, the hybrid taxi with Blue Hybrid System, the mechatronic marine propulsion system entirely conceived and designed by CMD that allows to navigate in all marine areas where respect for the environment requires silence and zero polluting emissions.

The system, applicable to all marine diesel engines, gives the possibility to have an autonomy in electric for over 2 hours at speeds between 3 and 6 kn (autonomy and speed depend on the type of boat).

The BHS®️ is made up of a nominal 20 kW electric engine, a 13.5 kWh battery and a control unit that supervises the operation and integration with the endothermic diesel engine.

The change from electric / endothermic propulsion and takes place automatically thanks to the HCU (Hybrid Control Unit) device.

During endothermic navigation, the batteries are recharged automatically.

The long collaboration between CMD, the company Mr. Ruggero VIO of Venice and San Pietro di Castello shipyard has allowed the development of a specific BHS version for the Venetian Lagoon. After passing a year of testing, the BHS has received the technical approval for coupling to Volvo Penta engines, application and service provided by VIO, the company that CMD has entrusted the exclusive distribution of this product.

Today the Blue Hybrid System® is the only system capable to offer a total integration with any basic propulsion engine.

Soon some military boats will be launched with this configuration and a version for typical Venetian work boats is ready.

"The future of navigation in Venice - affirm the Venice mayor Luigi Brugnaro - will certainly be electric."


Photo Credits: Official Facebook page of the Mayor of Venice Luigi Brugnaro


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