CMD and DULCISUD srl: a “sweet” business

19 Jul 2018

CMD has just finalized the sale of one ECO20 equiment to DULCISUD SRL, a confectionery company producing semifinished products for big international companies.

It is located in Campania, Limatona, close to Benevento, a high density area of trees, which is the optimal condition for equipment’s power: as matter of fact, it will be powered by wooden scraps from food industry (almonds, nuts, etc).

The equipment will be installed at DULCISUD plant in cooperation with INNOVA TECNOLOGIE ED AMBIENTE (UNI certified company) general contractor involved in ECO20’s equipment installations and activation.

At the moment, company uses a 30 kw photovoltaic system covering just 1800 hours/year of energy. Installing ECO20, energy autonomy will be increased to 7500 hours/year.

ECO20 installation at DULCISUD Srl will aim high: reaching the complete energy sustainability by using renewable sources and being a clear example of circular economy.


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