Company and Government: Italian Vicepremier Mr. Luigi Di Maio visits CMD excellence

16 Oct 2018

Sunday, October 7th Mr. Luigi Di Maio, Minister of Economic Development and Vicepremier of Italian government, visited CMD Costruzioni Motori Motori in Atella, Basilicata region. During his visit, which lasted almost two hours, the Minister met CMD top management and took a tour of fully automated automotive and marine engines production site.

He discussed with Avio Division team, involved in two important engines’ development projects for general aviation, and with Energy Division staff, which illustrated the technological innovation of CHP system.

Minister Di Maio appreciated CMD’s high level of technology and know-how gained through the years in engineering industry and praised for progress achieved by the company.

Vicepremier had also a profitable exchange of ideas with Mr. Mariano Negri, CEO of CMD, attesting company’s vision and reaffirming the need for companies located in Southern Italy to reach high levels of competitiveness on national and foreign markets, even considering the relations with PRC minister is dealing with in this period.

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