CMD is back... with a new look!

15 Apr 2019

The brand new website is born.

An innovative website where you can find in a few clicks all informations about our company in terms of projects, products and latest news.
Machining, the GF56 and CMD22 Avio engines, the wide range of marine engines and the great Blue Hybrid System for sailing in protected areas, the innovative ECU and the revolutionary Eco20x are waiting for you!

Thanks to the main news section, we will update all users about our company, the small and big goals achieved, the events and the participation to the most important trade fairs.

Through our website, you will have a look at all certifications in our possession and easily check company's annual reports.

We are fully aware that keeping constantly our users informed is very important for a successful corporate communication: the new website is a valuable showcase where you can find all details about our brands.

Type and discover our world!


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