Mr. De Biasio is a new member of the National Aerospace Technology Cluster

16 Oct 2020

Yesterday Mr. Salvatore Antonio De Biasio, vicepresident of Basilicata Confindustria and chairman of Basilicata Aerospace Cluster, has been confirmed as a member of National Aerospace Technology Cluster.

Thanks to Mr. De Biasio, the Basilicata region takes part to the important national association that creates a connection between the Italian Government and all main stakeholders of the Aerospace field (Large, medium and small companies, R&D centres, University, Institutions, Agencies and National platforms, Federations and Industries).

An important event for the region: tMr. Salvatore Antonio De Biasio's knowledge in the Aerospace field will guarantee a strong connection between the activities of the CTNA and the needs of the territory.

CMD would like to thank Mr. De Biasio for growing our small region.




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